Vision and Mission

Founded in 2001, Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP) is a public institution with independent legal status. Its missions are: Carrying out strategic research on national ecological civilization, green development and beautiful China, and undertaking technical support for the preparation and implementation of national medium and long-term ecological environment planning, key river basins and regions planning, and environmental planning in key fields, so as to meet the major needs of the country. Carrying out the research on the relevant theories and technical methods of environmental policies, and undertaking the research on the practice and application of environmental policies such as environmental protection taxes, ecological compensation, environmental electricity prices, emission trading, environmental audit, environmental public finance, etc. Undertaking the technical consultation, technical service and performance evaluation of the special funding projects of the central government. Carrying out the planning and design of major ecological and environmental projects, and the preparation, implementation and evaluation of pollution remediation projects.Undertaking research and technical support of environmental risk assessment and planning, pollution damage identification, environmental economic accounting and assessment, etc. Carrying out research on supporting technologies and policies for environmental health assessment, environmental restoration and ecological restoration.

CAEP has always adhered to the overall positioning determined by the Party Group of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to provide comprehensive technical support for the management of decision-making concerning national ecological environmental protection, and remained firmly committed to being a communicator and practitioner of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization ideology. We have been constantly optimizing the business sector strengthening the construction of institutions and talent, improving and perfecting the management system, and continuously strengthening its leading position in the fields of national ecological civilization, ecological environment planning, and strategic policy, so as to improve the important demand for ecological environment quality with planning, policy, projects, and risk control as the four main lines. CAEP has successively undertaken more than 60 national key planning and scientific research projects, more than 100 River Basin and regional environmental protection plans, more than 60 international cooperation projects, has submitted more than 300 important environmental decision-making references or special reports, with many of its plans and policies being adopted and approved by the State Council and relevant departments. It has published more than 200 monographs, more than 1,800 scientific research papers, and has won 2 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, 10 first prizes, 16 second prizes, and 7 third prizes of the Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards, 2 first prizes of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Awards, 1 second prize of the Dayu Water Conservancy Science and Technology Awards, 1 special prize from the Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology Progress Awards, 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, and 1 third prize of the National Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement Awards, 1 second prize of the 6th Higher Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Awards (Writing Award), the second prize of the 2010 Earth Sustainable Development Research Awards in Sweden, and the Policy Research Award of the 6th China Soft Science Award in 2017. Its influence in the field of ecological environment has steadily increased both at home and abroad, and it has become the core think tank in the field of national ecological environment strategy, planning, and policy research and development. According to the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2019 released by the University of Pennsylvania, CAEP ranks 25th among the world's top think tanks in the field of environmental Policy and ranks first among the selected Chinese environmental think tanks.

At present, CAEP holds more than 300 employees, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineer, 34 senior fellows, 71 associate fellows (including senior engineers), 77 persons with PhD degree, 2 persons with the title of "Technical Leaders of National Environmental Protection Specialty", 4 persons with the title of "Young Top Technical Talents of National Environmental Protection Specialty", 4 winners of special subsidies from the State Council,1 persons obtained the China Think Tank Innovation Talent Award, 2 persons with the title of “Young scientist”from Chinese Society for Environmental Science. A team of professional and technical talents with high knowledge level, reasonable age structure and abundant reserve talents has been formed in CAEP.

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Academic Committee of CAEP
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