Institute of Ecological Conservation and Restoration

It is responsible for studying and preparing the national and regional ecological protection and restoration planning and implementing assessment; providing technical support for delimiting and managing the ecological protection red line; carrying out investigation, evaluation and the application research for national and regional ecological status; conducting research on biodiversity protection, biological safety management, biological resource protection and utilization; conducting research on natural reserve planning and management policies; providing technical support for land and space ecological restoration, and the ecological protection and restoration of mountains, water, forest, farmlands, lakes and grass; providing technical support for setting ecological civilization examples; conducting research on ecological protection compensation, ecological product value realization, ecological economic evaluation and related policies; conducting research on ecological environmental function zoning and ecological environmental zoning governance; conducting research on ecological impact assessment in key industries and regional planning; conducting research on urban and rural living environment governance and agricultural and rural ecological environmental protection planning and policies; and providing technical support for the ecological protection and supervision during the exploitation and utilization of natural resources.


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