Institute of Atmospheric Environment

It is responsible for studying and preparing the national, regional and provincial air pollution prevention and control planning; studying and preparing the planning for the deadline to meet urban atmospheric environment quality standards and to improve air quality; analyzing the national and regional atmospheric environment status; providing technical support for regional and urban atmospheric environment comprehensive management; conducting research on basic theories and methods of atmospheric environment planning; conducting research on national, regional, and urban air pollution prevention and control planning technical methods; conducting tracking research on “one city, one policy” for cities; preparing the emission lists of key atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gas and providing technical support for the prevention, control and management of air pollution prevention in key industries and fields; observing and analyzing the atmospheric environment and the pollution sources; conducting air quality simulation and research on atmospheric environment capacity; conducting energy and environmental policy research; conducting research on policies and methods for collaborative emission reduction of air pollutants and greenhouse gases; providing technical support for and conducting method research on climate change response and carbon discharge peak action; and undertaking the work of the Secretariat of the Climate Change Subsociety, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences.


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