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Date issued:2024-04-17
"Outlook" | Wan Jun: Coordinated Zoning Control for High-Quality Development and High-Level Protection
As of the end of 2021, the whole country has delineated more than 40,000 ecological and environmental control units, covering all terrestrial and nearshore marine areas. Among these, the land areas are categorized into three types: priority protection, key control, and general control units, with respective area proportions of 55%, 15%, and 30%.
The results of ecological and environmental zoning control are utilized to serve the implementation of major national and local development strategies, providing scientific guidance for various development, protection, and construction activities. Applying the outcomes of ecological and environmental zoning control in environmental impact assessment (EIA) management allows for the proactive evaluation of a project's environmental feasibility, saving on initial investments, and enhancing management efficiency. In the decision-making services for attracting investment, the results of ecological and environmental zoning control can guide enterprises to actively benchmark and support the precise and rapid implementation of projects, thereby improving service quality.
The ecological and environmental zoning control information platform supports the technical assessment of spatial conflicts and spatial access for corresponding units/zones, ensuring that the results of zoning are visible, clear, and accurate for use.

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