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Date issued:2023-07-10
Vice President Maurice Hall from Environmental Defense Fund visited CAEP

Recently, Vice President Maurice Hall of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Vice President Qin Hu, Chief Representative of the China Representative Office, visited our academy.Academician Wang Jinnan, President of CAEP, Vice President Yan Gang, Chief scientist Ge Chazhong and related comrades from R&D and International Cooperation Office, Institute of Strategic Planning, Institute of Environmental Policy and Management, Institute of Water Ecology and Environment, Institute of Ecological Conservation and Restoration , Center of Environmental Status and Plan Assessment , and Center of Soil Protection and Landscape Design attended the meeting.
Vice President Yan Gang, on behalf of the CAEP, warmly welcomed visitors of EDF and provided a detailed introduction to CAEP's unique business areas. He stated that our Academy has maintained a friendly cooperative relationship with the EDF for a long time and has broad potential for further cooperation. He hoped that both sides would continue to strengthen cooperation in key areas of common concern, such as addressing climate change, water system management, environmental and economic policies.
Vice President Qin Hu expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of CAEP. He introduced the development history, research background and main achievements of the EDF in detail, and expressed his hope to continue to maintain close cooperation with CAEP and jointly explore new ideas and technologies in the field of environmental protection.
Vice President Maurice Hall said that water resources management is closely related to climate change, which requires systematic thinking and comprehensive measures to deal with the impact of extreme weather such as temperature rise and drought on agricultural production, and shared the latest practical experience and research results of EDF in the field of water resources management.
President Wang Jinnan pointed out that climate change has accelerated the challenges of water resources and environmental management, and expressed his hope to further enhance the depth and breadth of cooperation and exchanges between the two sides by strengthening cooperation with the EDF. He also hoped that through the efforts of both sides, more innovative achievements can be achieved, making contributions to actively responding to global climate change, enhancing the ability to adapt to climate change, and deeply participating in global climate governance.

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