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Date issued:2020-07-20
Center of Eco-Environment and Economic Accounting

The center integrates closely with the objective needs of the reform of the national ecological civilization system, carries out research on resource consumption, environmental damage and ecological benefit accounting, constructs the theory and framework system of my country's environmental economic accounting from the macro-medium-micro perspectives;designs policies and systems for green development and low-carbon assessment, ecological civilization construction assessment, natural resources and ecological asset evaluation;studies the theoretical methods of natural resources and ecological asset pricing;carries out regional "green water and green mountains" and "jinshan silver mountain" value accounting;Realize the commercial application of natural resource balance sheet and ecosystem gross production value accounting;provides technical support for national and local leaders to carry out out-of-service audits, ecological compensation, and green performance assessment;establishes an evaluation model for environmental pollution control costs and environmental pollution control benefits;Establishes an environmental pollution control cost and environmental pollution control benefit evaluation model, carry out environmental planning, environmental quality standard revision, environmental control plan, environmental emergency plan, cost and benefit evaluation of construction project implementation;provides decision-making support for the formulation of national, local, park, and corporate environmental policies and programs.


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