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Date issued:2020-07-20
Center of Heavy Metal Pollution Control

Mainly carrying out theory, policy and technology research of heavy metal pollution prevention and control. Over the years, it has provided important technical support for the comprehensive decision-making of heavy metal environmental management of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, undertook a number of national scientific research projects, and provided technical consulting services in the field of heavy metal pollution prevention and control for the society.Research directions include carrying out analysis of the medium and long-term development and environmental protection situation of the heavy metal industry;Carrying out research on the cause tracking and prevention countermeasures of heavy metal environmental pollution incidents; It is responsible for the preparation and implementation evaluation of relevant plans for the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution; carrying out policies and standards of the development and implementation evaluation of heavy metal pollution prevention and control ; carrying out research on the life cycle pollution prevention and control of heavy metals such as cadmium and lead; undertaking research on the total control of heavy metal pollutants and emission reduction strategies;Carrying out research on the prevention and protection of soil pollution such as site pollution risk management and control in the whole process of production enterprises, and treatment of historical pollution sources;Carrying out (trans) regional and (trans) river basin comprehensive solutions to heavy metal environmental problems.


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